GoNevis is a professional blog publishing platform. From simple personal blogging to professional publication websites.

Our goal is to make a place where people can enjoy blogging like they should and for those who want to have a website for their project, company, team or personal purposes.

Blogging, publishing and managing websites should not be complicated. Launching a (self-hosted) website or a personal blog is a complex and complicated task, as a website owner, you should have a very strong reason to go to that path.

We have made GoNevis so people will not worry about setting up a website, servers, database machines, configuring a backup solution, security, maintenance, upgrade of their software and many many more hassles.

GoNevis is a hosted Blogging platform that takes away all that complexity and provides a very smooth experience to have a website in less than a minute.

We built to search, commenting, file manager, social solutions (like & voting), micro-blogging, video blogging, gallery management, team & collaborators management, tagging, template and profile customization and much more feature into the GoNevis.

Every day we're adding new features, bug fixes, polishing existing stuff, optimizing the whole platform, more security, better UX to provide a delightful experience.

We'd love to hear your suggestions, comments, your likes, dislikes, complaints and any feature you'd like to see be added to GoNevis platform.

Who we are

We are bloggers from old days blogging, a time where blogging wasn't only about advertisement and commercial product promotions.

We’d write about our everyday events, keeping personal journals sometimes deeply personal stuff and once a while pretending we’re actual writers coming from another universe.

The team behind GoNevis.com consist of people with years of experience in software development and building great software to add value to people’s everyday use of technology. We’re using the same experience when building GoNevis.

How GoNevis.com makes money

We have free plans which lets blogger to have an account free of charge forever, no catch!

We don't:

  • Run ads on blogs.
  • Sell user data or monetize them in any way.
  • Share your information with any third-parties.
  • Have any hidden fees.

We get paid by charging for some of the paid features that you may want to have with your blogs.

When you start, you have all the features you may need to run a complete and beautiful blog but once you decided to use some special features you will have to upgrade to one of the paid plans available in our pricing page, which in turns we’ll charge a small monthly fee for them.

That’s how we’re making money to keep the business going.

Who’s behind GoNevis.com

We are bros, Savand Bros. A company established in Russian Federation, the great city of Moscow.

Savand Bros is an independent and funded entity with no dependencies on any external investment, which makes us free in providing our projects and product in the way we like. Without the pressure from any investor or shareholders. We’re here to stay and have no mean to sell our product, its users, data or anything related to it. If you have a merger or acquiring proposal you may send it to /dev/null.

You can learn more about Savand Bros on its official website at savandbros.com